Bespoke Tailor In Phuket

We encourage our guests to literally come with the clothes on their backs and everything will be taken care of. Our wedding planner has every essential you would possibly need during your week, month or year long stay in Phuket. Our bespoke tailor is well known for making bespoke suits for the grooms and his groomsmen.

Our bespoke tailor in Phuket is one of the best tailors for wedding suits and tuxedos

If you plan on building a suit for your wedding, you will need a two weeks prior to your wedding day. Our tailor works very closely with our clients but there are some things that cannot be rushed. Building a suit will take a minimum of two weeks-which is as much as 75% faster than anywhere else. When making bespoke suits Toronto tailors would need at least 8-10 weeks as a standard time for putting the suit together from design delivery.

The tailor uses the same process for building bespoke suits that you would go through anywhere else, but he is specifically assigned to the groom and his groomsmen. It starts with choosing your patterns and colours. The fabric is picked with a of thought being put into the fact that Thailand is one of the hottest, humid places on earth. The suits you build will be perfect for looking the best you can in formal wear on a beach.

The tailor will guide you in the features you select. There are custom options to consider that will make your suit stand out as a unique ensemble. You will have the option to match features with your groomsmen to coordinate the look as much or as little as you decide. Use his experience as he has hundreds of weddings in experience to help with ideas that work really well that you may have not thought of or even seen before.

Getting the wedding party together for fittings is the hardest part to coordinate in building a bespoke suit before a wedding. It may seem obvious but it’s is an important aspect to consider when planning the wedding party attire.

We do offer shipping options for sending your formal wear to be fitted by tailors closer to those who can’t be at the venue early enough.

Dream Big…

Close your eyes and imagine what it would be like to have a wedding that would be published in every wedding magazine. Picture what food you would serve your guests if money was no issue and you had as much help as you needed to make every guest feel like they were royalty. This is how we begin to plan your wedding.

Phuket is a word renown destination that holds fabled beauty and legendary beaches. The scenery invites both travellers and locals to slow down and take in the landscape for a moment to appreciate paradise. This is the setting for one of the best weddings anyone will ever attend.

The food we offer is from a variety of vendors in order to cover a wide range of tastes. The chefs we have on hand are skilled in all areas of cuisine and will be happy to oblige any request you palette may suggest. Our catering is performed by an experienced team that knows how to make guests feel welcome and excited to try the next dish being served.

We welcome you to create the most unbelievable experience in celebrating a marriage in fairytale fashion.