September 6, 2017

Traditions of Wedding Proposals in Thailand

Many of us understand some of the formalities and traditions with a proposal, but what we wanted to share today is: Traditions of Wedding Proposals in Thailand



  1. The proposal ritual

In the western world, when proposing to your girlfriend or partner, it is often an intimate one-on-one situation. It is seen as a time to be romantic to be cherished with your loved one. In modern Thai culture, this too may be true, however there are some traditions that still stand.

The man will have to ask his parents first if they approve of his chosen partner, and if they do, the parents will then approach the parents of the partner to begin negotiations for what is called “Sin Sod”. This is a sum of money agreed upon to be offered to the parents of the bride. It is not, as many may believe, a dowry. It exists as the eldest daughter usually supports the parents until she is married and after marriage she would generally not do this so much. This is where the Sin Sod is offered. This money also acts as both a guarantee and can be an important show of status in Thai society.

Read more about Sin Sod here:


  1. Choosing the right date

In Thailand, and most of Asia in general, dates and numbers are a very important topic. As a superstitious belief, dates can resemble good fortune, wealth, health or more. WHen considering when to get married in Thailand, often the person who is consulted first would be a trusted monk. The monk would be knowledgeable in both buddhist belief and astrology and would recommend a date for the couple that would be best. This blessing would help the marriage be strong and is a must do part of planning a wedding for Thai people.


  1. Making merit

This is a long standing tradition with Buddhism, and isn’t only linked to weddings, but is often done before any major holiday or celebration.

Making merit is doing good deeds in order to ask for good blessings back into your life. This could be giving offerings to the local temple, releasing fish into the river or planting trees to help build the ecosystem. Often, with weddings in Phuket or other parts of Thailand, couples will get married in a luxury hotel. With this families will often invite monks to the hotel to perform blessings and allow the couple to receive good fortune for their special day. This now, has become an integral part of many weddings, where the Thai Buddhist ceremony will be held on the morning of the big day.

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